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"Where Another World And People Come Together" - (ALL ITEMS ARE AUTHENTIC)

Jakku Sand, Rey's Home Planet, Jakku, Niche Product

$19 - Jakku Sand & Picture

Rey's Home Planet

Rub' Al Khali Desert Abu Dhabi

Mars Dust Pendant, Martian Meteorite, Niche Product

$29 - Mars Dust Teardrop Pendant

Genuine Mars Dust

Martian Meteorite

D'Qar, Han Solo Dies, Rey Ren Light Saber Battle, Niche Product

$19 - D'QAR Soil & Picture

Rey & Kylo Ren Standoff

Gloucestershire Forest Of Dean

Asteroid, meteorite, asteroid belt, Niche Product

$19 - Asteroid & Picture

Asteroid Belt

Between Mars and Jupiter

Tatooine Sand, Luke's Home, Anakin's Home, Mos Eisley, Mos Espa, Tozeur Tunisia, Niche Product

$19 - Tatooine Sand & Picture

Luke, Anakin Home Planet

Tozeur Tunisia

Mars Dust & Picture, Martian Meteorite, Niche Product

$29 - Mars Dust & Picture

Genuine Mars Dust

From Martian Metorite

Mummy Beads & Picture, Egyptian treasure, egyptian curses, tombs, Niche Product

$19 - MUMMY Beads & Picture

3000 Year Old Mummy Beads

From Egyptian Tombs

Sodom & Gomorrah Ash & Picture, Tall El-Hammam Jordon, Niche Product

$19 - Sodom Ash & Picture

Sodom & Gomorrah

Tall El-Hammam Jordon

Naboo Soil & Picture, Padme's Home Planet, Emporors home, Anakin Padme married, Villa del Balbianello Italy, Niche Product

$19 - Naboo Soil & Picture

Padme's Home Planet

Villa del Balbianello Italy

Moon Dust Pendant, lunar meteorite, moon powder, Niche Product

$29 - Moon Dust Teardrop Pendant

Genuine Moon Dust

Lunar Meteorite

Mustafar Lava & Picture, Anakin Obi-Wan duel, Darth Vader burned, Niche Product

$19 - Mustafar Lava & Picture

Anakin - Obi-Wan Light Saber Duel

Mount Etna Italy

Space Gems & Picture, Peridot, Pallasite, Olivine, Niche Product

$19 - Space Gems & Picture

Genuine Space Peridot

Extraterrestrial August Birthstone