First of all we Welcome you to Nichewarehouse. Our slogan here at Nichewarehouse is "Where Outer Space And People Come Together", and "The Store Where You Can Own Part of Your Dreams". Here you will learn a lot about yourself just because you will be taken to a different world for a short time, then you can actually buy a product from that world. This website is worth going through page by page simply because it has so many short stories about very unique and interesting products that we sell that you won't find anywhere else. We get so many positive comments from viewers and customers, this is our fuel that says we are on the right track and doing very well in keeping our customers happy, so don't miss out, surf the entire website :) We have numerous other websites that sell similar products, but this site is in it's own category now and became more popular than all the rest.


     Picture the entire Earth as 1 big city. Streets, back alleys, highways, stores, houses etc. We are a store without lights, on or a sign, on one of those side streets somewhere in this world city. We can tell a few neighbors, yes that building is a store, Some of those told might come in to check the store out, yes it is a store they say. They go and tell a few other neighbors that the building in their neighborhood is a store, some of those tell some of their friends and relatives outside the neighborhood. Slowly this store with no signs or lights get found out all over the world and people from all over are coming to see it. That is how a store on the internet works. Help us get our store known about by telling others and liking our pages :)


      This is a story of an 8 year old boy with a very inquinsitive mind and a need to explore the world he could. All kinds of collections were built from bugs, rocks, tree leaves from different trees, marbles and a ton of many little boy collections. I had to explore the worlds I wasnt regularly part of in everyday life and anywhere I explored, I brought back something to keep. As I grew older instead of climbing trees and finding abandoned farm sheds and houses for my explorations, I started to travel the world. Same thing happened but I started collecting coins, antiquities and anything I thought was cool and neat. I also had a huge desire to learn about the solar system, the galaxy and the universe, I was only 8 years old but I couldnt get enough of reading about everything at the libraries. At age 10 I saw Star Wars and this fit right into my wonders of the galaxy, could our galaxy be like Star Wars but we havent explored it yet. Alien life from different planets, good guys, bad guys in the galaxy, just like Star Wars. The bible and God I was raised with and that fits into all this also. My 3 worlds of loving astronomy, the wondering about God and Star Wars, plus my passion for collecting finally all fit together. I was able to collect and have access to extraterrestrial objects, unique objects on Earth in my travels, and Star Wars. Treasures, Haunted houses, historical objects all became a part of my life even more so now that I was an adult. I have met and known a lot of other people that travelled or had similar interests and had great access to many different products. I sell Collectible Masterpieces as a hobby now and I love being able to offer very niche items to anybody in the world at very decent prices. There are many people that would love to do this but dont necessarily have the means to do it. My opportunities are here for me to share to all people that would love to own these Collectible Masterpieces without having to spend thousands on just a single sample to bring back. I do hope everyone goes through the entire site just so they can appreciate the offers here even if they don't buy anything. It is a dream come true for me and a passion and I hope you all enjoy it and seeing the videos, seeing the pictures, and reading the stories about the finds. I guess I am a Collexplorer (Collector Explorer). Maybe you are one also. Enjoy the website feel free to leave any comments or ideas.


     We are based in Canada and our products are very U-NEE-Q and One Of A Kind. It is like being in a giant metropolis and you turn a corner, then you walk some more then take another turn on a side street, then another turn and eventually you find a little shop in the middle of nowhere and you could never find this store again if you tried. You walk in, and this is what you find there, a very unique shop that sells niche items from all over the world and the solar system and the galaxy. So BookMark Us or you may never find us again.


     We wanted a store that offered products that bring an emotional part of you to another world, and we wanted to offer a chance for anybody to own that part of another world. We have all stared out into the heavens, we have all dreamed and wondered what is out there. Now you can buy things that you dream about. A store that not only sells unique, niche authentic products, but is trustable and sells everything at terrific prices. This is what we are, a gem in a hay stack. Our store is quite big and is growing fast, we have a lot of pages and pictures, so make sure to view the entire site, there is some very beautiful pictures on this site and information.


     Do you like to buy specialty gifts for collections, do you like to see people smile when they see that you have given them something from out of this world. Do you like to learn new things, are you interested in items that few people have in the world. When was the last time you ran into someone with earings filled with genuine Mars dust. Do you like shopping, do you like to give gifts, do you like to tell others about interesting websites. This site is for you then.


     Who isnt amazed at the galaxy and universe and what is happening out there, volcanos are erupting, asteroids are smashing into each other, there are things like rogue planets in the galaxy and possibly our own solay systems, geological forces are at work. There is a lot going on out there in outer space in this endless timeless place that we arent aware of. There could even possibly be different species of advanced life out there. Man has landed on an asteroid, who knows, maybe the asteroid meteorite you have had a story and maybe an alien life form have landed on that asteroid before, and now it is in your bedroom. We are here on Earth, If extraterrestrials exist, then extraterrestrials are out there, The solar system, the galaxy and the universe. The universe is very amazing, so amazing that it is Godly, why not have this as part of your collection. Now you have a chance to own pieces of outer space and many other very difficult items to obtain. Here you can buy volcanic lava from another planet or its moons, it is a very interesting site. Many of our items are from here on Earth. You really have to look through the entire site, you will always find something new and interesting.


     What about the Star Wars Galaxy? The Star Wars Galaxy is a nice portrait of what our own galaxy may be like. There could be millions of planets each having a different type of species living there. There are real Mustafars, real Hoths, its all out there in our own galaxy and solar system. Real Jakku's (Rey's Home Planet), Naboo, where one of movies most greatest weddings took place with Anakin Skywalker and Padme exchanging vows. Tatooine, where Anakins mom Shmi died was again one of movies most emotional scenes in history, also the home planet of Anakin and Luke, the cities of Mos Espa and the bar scene at the Mos Eisley Cantina are forever stuck in viewers memories. We have authentic land samples from those planets in Star Wars, they were filmed on Earth but our samples are direct from where those scenes were filmed. We can say there is some very beautiful places on Earth that were used in the Star Wars movies, we have those beautiful and memorable Star Wars Planets samples here.


     What about planet Earth, its amazing, our minds daydream about going to some of these places. Mount Everest, what about ships at the bottom of the ocean or secret tombs that are thousands of years old, they all tell a story. What about historical cities and events in the bible, Sodom and Gamorrah, the crucifiction of Jesus, Noahs Ark, we have authentic genuine samples direct from these places. Our store if filled with very unique items and offers very niche products from all over the globe and our galaxy. There is definitely something here for everybody, we have "Collective Masterpieces" of History. Our website is 100% secure for safe purchasing. We stand for Authenticy, Genuine and Trust, there are no reproductions here or scams. Tell as many people you can about this website because most likely they will all love it and want to buy something from here that has a lot of meaning to them.

OWN PART OF THE EXTRATERRESTRIAL UNIVERSE is one company that is under the main umbrella company called Cyber-Net Enterprises. Numerous companies fall under the Cyber-Net Enterprises umbrella. We only buy and sell Authentic items, they must be genuine and authentic and unique. Our body is a little speck in this universe but our mind can go anywhere in this universe. Our universe is endless and timeless, this makes it difficult to have a piece of the universe in our bedroom for example, but outer space will come to us, when it does, why not own a piece of that endless timeless world. At nichewarehouse that is exactly what we offer, a piece of an endless timeless world in space, a piece of the memorable worlds in movies, and pieces that come from earth itself. We don't sell things that you can buy from your friendly neighborhood walmart store.


     We Buy All Of Our Treasures From Associations like I.M.C.A. (International Meteorite Collectors Association). We buy from IMCA and we go to Rock & Fossil Shows. We buy samples from Universites and Museums. We buy from private companies and individuals on Archeological Digs. We buy from Trusted Members with decades of experience in their fields, we will also travel to specific sites to get samples ourselves directly. One of our other sources of products is that we also belong to numerous travel and adventure groups throughout the world and if a group is going on an expedition we will arrange for them to bring a certain product back with them for us. We also have suppliers that go through a rigorous acceptance procedure in order to supply us with products. Some products are very difficult to get and some we run out fast so if you want some you will have to go on our waiting list to guarantee you will get your order without us running out again. We are continuously adding new products, sometimes there may be long waiting times for an item that has ran out or for one that is on its way. So if you see something you like and you want it, if it is in stock, buy it right away before others buy it and we are out. Don't waste too much time deciding whether you should put it in your cart or not, you may lose out on something you may have wanted. Many items are limited in quantity or we can only bring in a certain amout each time. Our number 1 reason to shop at this site is not just because it is unique, not because the products are rare and genuine, but because it is 100% safe. All purchases whether through credit card or debit card are all safe through paypal. We keep all of our products down to low prices so that almost anybody can own at least 1 or 2 of these treasures for their collection.